EZ Glide 350™ DL DoveTail 1/2”

110_110.jpgThe EZ Glide 350 DL DoveTail ½” is the perfect choice for those, who would like to create a busy ice rink for public skating and for sporting reasons.

The „ice” panels are made of special environment-friendly, UV-resistant polymers, which enable the outdoor use of the rink. Thanks to the unique DoveTail interlocking system, the panels connect to each other without any gaps between them. Since the panels are made throughout their whole structure of the same polymer compound they will not change their shapes, will not break or wrap not even under significant temperature changes.


Due to its special consistence, Ez Glide 350 Dove Tail panels are  highly resistant. The lifespan of Ez Glide 350 panels is significantly high even under frequent use. One of the best characteristics of the EZ Glide 350™ technology-based Summerice™rink is that – unlike any other ice rink – the more it is used, the better becomes  the gliding effect!


Technical figures:


  • Size: 1,16 x 2,31 m
  • Thickness: 1,27 cm
  • Weight: 32 kg

EZ Glide 350™ DL DoveTail 3/8”

DSC06957.jpgThe „little brother” of the EZ Glide 350TM DoveTail ½”. Regarding its material and features, it is the same as the ½” version, only thinner.

We recommend it for public, sport or home skating, which does not suppose mass use.


Technical figures:


  • Size: 1,16 x 2,31 m
  • Thickness: 0,95 cm
  • Weight: 23,6 kg

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