Wissota Skate Sharpener

Wissota korcsolyaĂŠlező.jpgThe Wissota Skate Sharpner is a professional, easy to use skate sharpener. 


When skating on synthetic ice blades must be sharp in order to have a good gliding experience.


Skate blades need to be sharpened regularly just like on refrigerated ice. 

EZ Glide Enhancer

EZ Glide Enhancer sĂ­kosĂ­tĂł.jpgSummericeTM synthetic ice rinks – as any other plastic ice rink available on the market – require enhancing. 


The EZ Glide EnhancerTM is an environment-friendly, silicone-free enhancer made of natural materials, especially of vegetable glycerin. It is not harmful neither to our health, nor to the environment and it does not damage clothing or equipment!

EZ Glide DoveTail Perimeter Edging Kit

EZGlide korcsolyapĂĄlya szegĂŠly.jpgThe EZ Glide DoveTail Perimeter Edging Kit can prevent the ice rink’s external panel’s Dove Tail interlocking clamps from mechanical damages. We recommend the use of this product when the dasher board does not cover the Dove Tails in order to protect them from damages.

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