What is an EZ Glide 350TM Synthetic Ice Rink like?

EZ Glide 350TM is a synthetic ice rink system developed and manufactured in the U.S.A . By using the newest technologies and best suited materials this company succeeded to produce a synthetic ice rink system especially for sporting reasons. As a result of the persistent research, we can confidently declare that EZ Glide 350TM synthetic ice rink is one of the most recognized synthetic ice rink system in the world, among the plastic ice-rink manufacturers.


SummericeTM applies only EZ Glide 350TM synthetic ice-rink panels!


Why don’t we use other type of „plastic ice”?

The answer is simple: we do not compromise, when it comes to the quality of our products or services.


Features of the EZ Glide 350TM ice rinks:

  • It does not require refrigeration - low maintenance costs
  • It can be used under any wheather conditions also outdoors!
  • The same movements, jumps and tricks can be implemented as on real ice 
  • No special ice skates are required, it can be used with traditional ice skates
  • It can be set up in individual sizes and shapes
  • Quick installation/ dismantling on any smooth, leveled surface
  • Both sides can be used. The lifespan is significantly longer than that of the traditional plastic ice-rinks
  • The Glide 350TM synthetic ice panels have a manufacturer warranty of 10 years