Can I use EZ Glide 350 in temperatures above and below freezing?

EZ Glise 350 and EZ Glide NC are manufactured from special polymers; therefore, these panels can be enjoyed year-round and in all temperatures. Developed for indoor and outdoor use, EZ Glide 350 and NC panels are sturdy, UV stable and stress relieved. They will not degrade in sunlight or warp as temperatures increase or decrease.


Where can I install EZ Glide 350?

EZ Glide 350 can be installed on any sturdy, flat, level and firm surface capable of supporting the weight of the panels and skaters. Many surfaces have been installed on concrete, asphalt, decks, patios, in basements, malls, on floats and simple lumber decking, just to name a few. Any imperfections or dips in an existing subfloor may be leveled with sand, pea gravel or concrete.


Does EZ Glide 350 use a glide enhancer?

Our company developed the Original EZ Glide Enhancer in 1969. EZ Glide Enhancer is shipped with every EZ Glide 350 and EZ Glide NC synthetic ice floor rental and purchase. Although you can skate without the use of the enhancer on EZ Glide 350 and EZ Glide NC, its use is recommended and will increase the glide performance as well as decrease the need for skate sharpening. Misting the floor is only necessary occasionally and on an as-needed basis. When applied correctly, it leaves a very light film on the skating surface.


What is the EZ Glide Enhancer made of?

EZ Glide Enhancer is a specially formulated proprietary material. EZ Glide Enhancer does not contain silicone! It is an environmentally friendly product which is safe, non-toxic and EPA approved. It is totally water soluble and non-staining, even in its concentrated form.


How often do I have to clean the skating surface?

Only when the surface shows signs of foreign matter such as dust, dirt or other foreign particles.


Can I use my ice skates on EZ Glide 350 or do I need special equipment?

EZ Glide 350 was designed for use with regular hockey skates and figure skates. Any figure, hockey or rental skate works perfectly on EZ Glide 350. The EZ Glide 350 synthetic skating surface will not damage your blades, expensive or otherwise. To reduce friction and enhance performance, simply keep your skate blades sharpened and apply the EZ Glide Enhancer to the skating surface occasionally for additional glide and speed.


Can I hockey skate and perform drills on EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice?

Hockey skating maneuvers are easy on EZ Glide 350. The puck responds as it would on conventional ice, so you can practice your hockey moves from stops to footwork, slap shots to goal tending, and everything in between. You will find EZ Glide 350 installed in many hockey clubs and sports facilities, as well as private home basements, backyards and even bonus rooms. Many hockey training facilities are exclusively using the EZ Glide 350 product. Any hockey maneuver or drill performed on ice can be easily executed and strengthened on EZ Glide 350.


Can I do hockey stops/side slides on EZ Glide 350?

Yes. Any stop, maneuver or drill performed on refrigerated ice can easily be executed on EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice.


Can I figure skate on EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice?

Yes! Many professional figure skaters request EZ Glide 350 surfaces in show venues where they want the best and most comparable surface to refrigerated ice. Using EZ Glide 350 can enhance training and enable a skater to perform all jumps, spins and figure skating maneuvers with ease.


Can I jump and spin on EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice?

Any jump, spin or footwork that can be performed on refrigerated ice can be easily executed on EZ Glide 350.


Can adagio and pairs/ice dancing be executed on EZ Glide 350?

Overhead lifts, bounce spins, throw jumps, to name a few are all easily accomplished on EZ Glide 350. Any skill performed on refrigerated ice, in the context of adagio and pairs/ ice dancing, can be performed on EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice.